vague terrain frölunda

vague terrain frölunda

"vague terrain - vague tissue", artistic research, geographically situated in the suburb of Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg, Sweden

This is a site-specific collective artistic praxis and we are investigating into vague spaces through the interventions of temporary, process-based, textile installations in non-traditional spaces. The vague spaces are based on "terrain vague", a concept coined by the architect Ignasi de Solà-Morale (1995). Vagueness is here explored from the point of view of the citizen, the habitant and the wanderer inspired by Michel de Certeau (1984). Therefore the vague terrains explored are small in-between vacant areas in (sub)urban spaces, scheduled to be built upon in the future.
Vague Tissue is the development of site-specific tissues that grow, transform, pulsate, molds, camouflages and play with visions through transparency and create complex spaces that changes over time. The materials used are experiments with the spinning and preparation of textile fibres and yarn. The first year 2012/2013 will be devoted to basic research focusing on vague space, designing the probing activities, material experiments and development.
On this blog you can follow experiments, encounters and interventions in vague spaces of Västra Frölunda.

All photos by Lena T H Berglin och Kajsa G. Eriksson

another building site

urban developmentPosted by Kajsa G Eriksson Tue, January 28, 2014 16:11:18

The environment around the vague space is becoming a building site where new houses are popping up very quickly. We are observing and documenting another building which been around for quite a while. This wind shed are an informal and self-organized meeting place for people drinking beer outdoors in the area.

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the future of vague terrain

urban developmentPosted by Kajsa G Eriksson Thu, October 10, 2013 17:02:47
One character of the terrain vague in Västra Frölunda is that it is going to be built on in the future. This will happen in the autumn of 2014 and be part of the third stage in a building project called The Apple Orchard built by White Architects. The project is described like this:

"Own identity – a richer whole
Äppelträdgården provides its inhabitants with their own separate identity. People living on this estate will not just be living in Frölunda but in the "apple orchard”. At the same time, Äppelträdgården offers an attractive aspect for people who already live and work in that estate. Instead of constructing sharp physical boundaries between the site, the estate and the surrounding areas with the purpose of creating an island of safety, we are creating an local attraction that is open to all. This will give people living here the opportunity to get onto the property ladder, with a home on their own plot of land within the same housing estate."

The second stage is already on its way and will look like this according to the builders and architects.

In this picture one can see the vague space at the end of the field.

The houses from stage one looks like this from within the vague space.

One of the ideas of the Apple Orchard is that there will be spaces between the houses left as an apple garden for everyone to use. Therefor there are no fences on the architect drawings of the garden. The people who live in the houses have another idea and have been putting up fences to mark their property. A quite new phenomena in the area.

Here you can read more about the Apple Orchard in Swedish.

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urban developmentPosted by Kajsa G Eriksson Wed, May 15, 2013 15:47:19

A space for...

a blanket, company, drink & food...

...and rest

All this fun depends on keeping warm and dry.

Therefore the drain we finally found in the middle of the round meadow, well hidden by grass, confirms what we have been suspected all along. The space "Runda Ringen" was once designed and planned to be used by people.

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urban developmentPosted by Kajsa G Eriksson Mon, May 13, 2013 15:41:14
Observing the execution of urban plans on site makes urban development fundamentally mysterious.

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urban developmentPosted by Kajsa G Eriksson Fri, April 19, 2013 10:25:30

Spending time in a space is a start of many different things.

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soft tag

urban developmentPosted by Kajsa G Eriksson Fri, January 18, 2013 10:46:30
Around christmas another vague text appeared in Frölunda. someone had used snow to write on the brick wall of the mall. It says in swedish "BELIEVE IN YOURSELF".

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cabin in progress

urban developmentPosted by Kajsa G Eriksson Fri, October 26, 2012 11:19:22
We found this cabin made from sticks and branches next to the vague space. We think this is what the children have been working on. They have told us so much about it that we expected a more developed cabin. There is still a lot of work to be done on this one, but it is a project started and driven by the children themselves.

It seems that children and youth are specialist on what goes on in vague space and its potential for development.

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